British sweets are world-renowned, so much so that in many countries around the world you can find stores devoted entirely to them. Stores selling British sweets are a common sight in Australia since we have so many expats from the UK living over here, feeling nostalgic for the British sweets that they remember from their childhood.

A lot of people in both Australia and the United States notice that there is a flavour difference in many types of British sweets and chocolate. Many love the richness and sweetness of it compared to the options we have available here.

British sweets are often made from sugar syrup which can make them very, very sweet although there a tons of different candy brands in the UK so it can be difficult to say that they all taste a certain way or use certain ingredients.

A lot of people will find when comparing chocolate and other candy from the UK, USA and Australia that the flavours differ, even when the brand is the same. This is because products are usually designed to fit with the market that the item is being made for. In the US products usually contain more sugar. A lot of people who love British sweets find the chocolate from the US has a bit of a powdery taste whilst the candy can be a bit sickly sweet. British sweets and chocolate are known to have a richer flavour.

The differences in the flavour of candy can depend entirely on where you’re living.

Comparing it with the US

UK treats are often known for having more fat and cocoa in the ingredients like, whilst US chocolate contains more sugar.

To be called ‘milk chocolate’ in the UK, chocolate must have at least 25% cocoa solids in it. In the USA there’s need to be just 10% chocolate in a bar. One major reason that UK candy will taste a bit different is because they often don’t contain lecithin emulsifier, which is there to stop cocoa butter from separating from cocoa. The way that products are processed and blended can also impact on the taste.


Where to find British sweets

Cadbury chocolates displayed in a shop

With so many people preferring the taste of UK candy nowadays, it’s no longer difficult to find it. Importers routinely bring it in and it’s possible to find it easily throughout cities in Australia. There are many stores devoted entirely to selling some of the most popular UK candy on the market as well as many online retailers who supply it. It’s possible to buy it in just about any quantity you like, from a small lolly bag to a bulk buy. Many specialty stores can be found in shopping centres, or maybe found in popular boutique shopping areas. They are often set up with brightly coloured displays and allow people to create their own lolly bags with scoops to pick out their own favourite candy.

UK candy is great treat and nice to have in the home for when you feel like a snack. It makes a great alternative to many of the options we have in Australia and is much tastier than some of the popular American chocolates (at least we think so). It also makes a great gift for someone who loves it, prefers the taste or remembers it fondly from their childhood in the UK.


If you have a sweet tooth then what are you waiting for? There are thousands of options to choose from. Start looking for your favourite candy today and treat yourself or someone you love!