Sole contractors are one of the key constituents who buy stock from electrical wholesalers. These businesses sometimes develop and manufacture the goods independently, otherwise, they will be the party who passes on the materials in bulk at a lower unit price than retail chains.

From builders and electricians to plumbers and IT specialists, professionals who work in isolation need to rely on the tools they have at their disposal. If they can find value from these outlets, then their task becomes far easier to manage.

This is a great opportunity to assess how these workers actually find value from trusted electrical wholesalers, bypassing much of the hassle of doing business with retailers who hike their prices.


Exclusively Buying From Trusted Outlets

Just because electrical wholesalers make themselves available to community members, that doesn’t mean they are inherently worthy of investment from sole contractors. They have to still adhere to the same principles and criteria that others are judged by. In this regard, clients will review suppliers according to their past performance, detailing online opinions and referrals from their colleagues and peers in the industry. That will allow them to avoid poor performing wholesalers.


Using a Confirmed List of Materials

Electrician at Work

In order to approach electrical wholesalers with clarity on the topic, sole contractors need to arrive to the store equipped with a confirmed list of materials they are seeking. On so many occasions, operators will have ideas about what they are looking for and end up on a wild goose chase before paying over the odds for luxury materials. From conduits and cutters to connectors, circuit breakers, wires, cables, lugs and enclosures, customers in this market need to be assured about what they are buying.


Bulk Ordering

A key selling point for sole contractors doing business with electrical wholesalers is because they will receive their orders in bulk quantities. The higher the volume, the lower the price per unit. Of course, these policies will vary from one outlet to the next, but the capacity to source collections at an affordable rate is where contractors are really looking for quality with their electrical wholesalers.


Convenient Client Access

Wholesalers in this market understand that sole contractors are often on the go and venturing between one job site to the next. This can place added demands on their availability during the regular business hour windows of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. It can also be a concern for stores that happen to offer just the single location. Participants will identify value with these companies when they are able to source stock from a range of different locations and find access to their materials at a time that suits their schedule.


Customer Support Provisions

One of the issues that many shoppers can have with electrical wholesalers is that they don’t extend the same customer support assistance as their retail counterparts. Bypassing on the stock at a reduced rate, there is a lack of resources and infrastructure that can be extended to the client base. However, for those sole contractors that want to enjoy extensive value with these packages, they will shortlist businesses who do pass on advice and offer assistance when operators are looking for clarification and more information for their purchase.


It can take time for sole contractors to trust the expertise of electrical wholesalers, especially for those operators based in rural and suburban locations where competition is low. However, once these businesses have been identified, it will be easy to establish a professional relationship that cashes in on deals, finds packages that are tax-deductible and ensures a high level of performance with each stock acquisition.