Using a small bong has many comparative advantages over using a larger product. For many regular smokers, this product has been a staple in life for a long time now. Whilst the world of cannabis and its consumption continues to grow and evolve, new products with more intricate aesthetics and complex designs continue to be produced and introduced onto the market. While these products are often amazing to look at and use, many of them lack the pragmatic ability that a small bong can provide a user. In many parts of the world, cannabis use is still illegal, and as such, being able to smoke and go quickly is a serious consideration for many users. It is a common misconception that a smaller product will not be able to provide the same benefits that a larger one can, however, this is simply not true. A smaller product can have intricate designs and aesthetics as well as the same functions as a larger one and should not be underestimated.

Here are some of the advantages of small bongs over a larger product.


A small bong is obviously much more discrete than when it comes to a larger product. With many parts of the world still outlawing the use of cannabis and the ownership of cannabis-related products, users will still often have to exercise caution and a discrete ability in order to consume their cannabis. A small bong, due to its smaller size, can be hidden inside of a home, packed away into a box, or something similar. Furthermore, it can be hidden in a portable carry bag for use in different locations. A large contraption on the other hand will not be able to be hidden very well and might attract attention from the wrong people.


Young man using a small bong

Portability is a huge factor for a lot of smokers, and a small bong is a perfect product to be carried around. Portability could matter to those who travel often whether that be for work, or for those who prefer to smoke with friends and need to move to different locations for their sessions. A small bong can be carried around in a bag, placed into a suitcase, or into a car without attracting a lot of attention, and is perfect for the on-the-go smoker. Larger products typically will not be able to be carried around due to their size and/or design. They can attract a lot of attention and can get you in trouble with the law, or they could break easily if packed into a bag and moved around a lot.


A small bong is typically much cheaper than a larger product. Larger products will tend to use more material in their production and will obviously cost more as a result. They also tend to have more intricate designs and functionality, which will of course bump up the price tag a bit more. Not everyone out there has big money to burn on a complex contraption just to smoke, the cannabis alone can be hefty on the wallet! For those who just want to get the job done and go, a small bong is a perfect device for this. You are able to smoke your cannabis and pack up the product in a quick session.

Overall, a small bong is used for the same purposes as a larger product. A small bong has many benefits over a larger product and is perfect for the portable smoker who wants the job done without any unwanted attention or bells and whistles.